Paul Haas
Mt French southern peak - Paul Haas
Hi coffee drinker

Hope you're all enjoying the cooler change and recent rainfall we've had. We are coming into some great photowalking weather and the events until June have been added to the website. There'll be more information on each of them as we get closer.

We had a couple of great walks in March and I have featured some of the wonderful member images in the newsletter. First was the sunset and stars walk at Mt French and then the first of our Adventure Series walks at Lamington.

Coming up in April is the Christmas creek which promises to be fantastic after the recent rain - it's a straightforward out and back walk alongside a rainforest creek. The track ends at the historic Westray's grave but if you aren't up to the whole walk, or you get distracted by the waterfalls along the way, you can turn around whenever suits you.

With the recent rain there is likely to be plentiful cool fungi at Christmas creek so I have included a few tips on macro below.

Our second Adventure series walk is on 27 April when we'll be heading up Flinders Peak - Spectacular view abound but it's not an easy walk. The original plan was Mt Greville but I changed plans to allow a better graduation of walks leading up to Mt Maroon in June.

More information on the walks is available on the Events page

See you out there somewhere

Flinders peak (3)
(above) spectacular views from Flinders Peak

(left) One of the verdant views of Christmas Creek coming up in April

Upcoming events

Photowalks April-June 2019

April 7 - Christmas Creek
April 27 - Adventure Series - Flinders Peak
May 11 - A sunset walk (location tbc)
June 2 - Adventure Series - Mt Greville
June 16 - Scenic Rim sunrise (Mt Cordeaux probably)
June 29 - Adventure Series - Mt Maroon

For details head over to the Events page
Joanne Spencer-Lang
Looking over 'Frog Buttress' to the Main Range - Joanne Spencer-Lang

Adventure Series 2019

The Adventure Series is something new for 2019. It's an opportunity to share some more challenging walks into more rugged and remote locations.

There will be 4 events in the series which will build in intensity to the final walk up Mount Maroon.

We'll first head to Lamington for a weekend trip and tackle longer walks. Then Flinders Peak, Mt Greville, and Mount Maroon. There will also likely be a 5th event later in the year at Girraween.

Anyone is welcome but be aware that these are challenging walks and not suitable for everyone. Bookings will be essential.
Gail Bryant2
Star trails - Gail Bryant
Gail Bryant
Mt French sunset - Gail Bryant

Staying in touch

The best place to keep in touch with what's happening is the website at

but you can keep up to date with people's photos and last minute arrangements on the Facebook page
Scenic Rim Photowalks Facebook group

or on the Instagram page

Scenic Rim Photowalks IG

Tips and tricks

Here's a idea for you...
Matthew Willmann brought along a simple black and white board to use as a background on our Mt French walk and took some stunning images. Maybe you could give it a try :)

KAth Anset 2
Matthew 2
Matthew 3
Matthew Willmann

Macro Tips (for fungi)

20sec @ f14 ISO 200 (tripod)
The contrasting colours here was what drew my attention
1/80 @ f8 ISO 800 (handheld)
Taking advantage of a ray of light through the trees
  • Use a small aperture (big number) to get as much as possible in focus. Most macro lenses have a very shallow depth of focus (in millimeters sometimes) because of how close you are.
  • Use a tripod - fungi are usually found in dark areas of the forest. That and the use of a small aperture usually means long exposure times.
  • Go slowly - many of these fungi are tiny and are easily missed. You'll probably pass far more that you notice unless you are specifically looking for them
  • I almost always use manual focus and Live View to get my focus spot on.
  • Don't forget to consider composition - it's easy to just take a photo of the fungus front and centre but take a moment to consider which is the best angle, background etc. Look for textures, lines, contrasting colours and all the other normal compositional elements.
  • Lastly look at the lighting - because they are so small it is easy to modify the lighting by adding light with a small torch (phone) or subtracting it with a piece of card or you hand. Also look at the natural lighting from a variety of angles to consider which is the best.
30sec @ f22 ISO 800 (tripod)
A really unusual fungus I found in the bottom of a hollowed out log
2.5sec @ f18 ISO 100 (tripod)
I tried to compose to get the range of different textures arranged in the frame.
1/50sec @ f3.5 ISO 1600 (handheld)
I could get away with a bigger aperture here due to the size and distance I was away

If there are other particular topics you'd like covered just let me know at

Kath Anset


“Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.” — Ambrose Bierce


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