Michael Zupanc - Browns Falls
Browns Falls - Michael Zupanc
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Well this newsletter certainly finds us in unusual times, after all the disruptions of bushfires and then floods as 2019 turned into 2020, just as we started looking forward to some great photowalking opportunities we are faced with a global pandemic. As we all learn to adapt to the changed world we find ourselves in, our photowalks have been put on hold until the restrictions have been put on hold.

In an effort to continue to encourage each other in our photography and to build community we have started a weekly facebook challenge. It has been wonderful to see so many people participating and there have been some incredible images. Keep reading to see some of the incredible images and learn how you can get involved.

Some of our members have taken the opportunity during this period of isolation to take on some personal photographic challenges and they have shared some of their tips and skills with us. Below you'll find links to some incredible wildlife, astro and macro photography and advice as well as an article on buying a new camera. I am really grateful to these authors for taking the time to put something together for our community and I hope get get a chance to read their articles and leave a comment for them too,

As soon as we can we'll be back out on walks but until then I encourage you to get involved in our online community.


Some member images from pre-isolation photowalks

Michael Zupanc - Mt Tamborine
Andrew Thomson View from Mt Mitchell
(above) early morning from Mt Mitchell - Andrew Thomson

(left) Creek at Mt Tamborine - Michael Zupanc

Joanne Spencer-Lang - Mt Tamborine
near Witches Falls- Joanne Spencer-Lang
Kath Ansett - Browns Falls
Browns Falls - Kath Ansett

Member projects and tips


Murray Fox takes us with him as he learns about the techniques and gear to photograph the stars including deep space objects. It's a fascinating area of photography which produces some fantastic images. Click here

astro (3) - Copy
astro (1) - Copy

Capturing wildlife on camera

If you are missing the opportunity to get some wildlife photos while you're not able to get into the wild - have a look at the great article from Gail Bryant on wildlife photography including some tips for a setup at home and some inspiring images. Click here
scaly - Copy - Copy

Getting started with spiders, butterflies and dragonflies

Pamela Walsh shares us some of her incredible macro photos of insect using her phone and gives some fantastic advice on how to capture them yourself in your own backyard. If you've ever thought "I don't even have a 'real camera'" then you really need to see what Pamela captures with her phone. Click here

Choosing a new camera

If you've been thinking about buying a new camera but don't know where to start - have a read of Andrew Thomson's excellent article on choosing a new camera. It's not a gear review but good advice on the things to consider that will steer you in the right direction. Click here

Photowalks at home...

It has been so good to see the enthusiastic participation of our members in our weekly "Photowalk at home" challenges. The challenge is designed to inspire people to look at the familiar world of the homes and local areas in a new way, to encourage creativity and foster community.
There is a topic for the week which is picked by the 'winner' of the previous week. Feel free to comment with your feedback, questions and encouragement and to vote with your 'like' for the most interesting image of the week. Doesn't have to be a technically brilliant photo and you can use whatever camera, equipment and techniques you want.

Head to Scenic Rim Photowalks on Facebook to get involved

Our first week was "Discovery" with some really interesting images as people explored their backyards...
Rob Crutcher
Rob Crucher's winning image from week one
Stewart Parkinson
Stewart Parkinson
Kris Pardoe-Matthews
Kris Pardoe-Matthews
Gail Bryant
Gail Bryant
Week 2 was "Plants in the garden" and saw some incredible images...
Mandy Streeting
Mandy Streeting's winning entry from week 2 - taken on a phone
Tammy Burns
Tammy Burns
Matthew Willman
Matthew Willman
Jill Heath
Jill Heath

We are keen to add to the member articles we have so if you have an idea, project or area of expertise we would love to hear from you.

Michael Zupanc - Mt Mitchell
early morning on Mt Mitchell - Michael Zupanc


“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” Matt Hardy


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Scenic Rim Photo Walks is a community of photography enthusiasts based in Queensland’s Scenic Rim who get together regularly for photo walks in and around our area.

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