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Welcome to the first Scenic Rim Photowalks newsletter. This is a way to ensure that you get all the latest news about upcoming walks and other happenings without them getting lost in your feed on Facebook. I'm open to any ideas or suggestions you have that might make this more useful. The plan is currently for a monthly(ish) newsletter.

Upcoming walks

14 April 2018 - Governors Chair sunrise

14 April 2018 - Governors Chair sunrise
One of the best sunrise spots around on an unfenced outcrop of windswept rock. We'll be meeting about 1 hour before sunrise to catch the best light. There is a short 200ish meter walk to the lookout. After sunrise we'll head back to the carpark (maybe sneak in a quick cuppa) and then explore one of the nearby firetrails or …

16 June 2018 - Palm Grove

A cruisy stroll through high rainforest with some good views, starting at the Cunningham Gap carpark, this walk generally follows a countour (i.e fairly flat) out to a large stand of Picabeen Palms which lie below Mt Cordeux. Along the way there are views over the Fassifern valley and up to the cliffs below the summit. We pass through a …


If you head over to the website you'll notice a few changes. Overall the look is clean and simple with (hopefully) intuitive navigation options.

There is a whole new way to login to the site and an opportunity for you you add some profile information. Down the track I am looking to add some interactive elements like photo sharing, commenting and messaging. There will also be the option for you to add your own walks that you might like to invite others to going you on.

If you aren't logged in you'll see a new 'Register' and "Log in' options in the top menu - the 'Log in' option is also where you can change your password if you have forgotten it.

It'd be great if a few people could test out the Profile feature and make sure it all works properly.

Another new feature is the integration of a weather app - click the 'Weather' menu item to check it out.

I'm sure there'll be some bugs so please let me know if any features are not working.


Here's a quick tip for an expected drop of rain...

Carry a shower cap - especially one designed for longer hair. They fold up to next to nothing in the bottom of your camera bag and are are really to cover your camera and lens until the shower passes. They're only a couple of dollars at Kmart.

Here I have mine covered while being carried on a shoulder strap clip.


If you're looking for something to inspire your wildlife photography, head over to the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year awards - simply stunning images that help me rethink what a wildlife image could be.

Check it out here:

AG photo


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Scenic Rim Photo Walks is a community of photography enthusiasts based in Queensland’s Scenic Rim who get together regularly for photo walks in and around our area.
All kinds of photographers are welcome and even non photographers. Most walks are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.