Govenors Chair Sunrise
Hi coffee drinker

IT was great seeing so many people at the Governors Chair photowalk and seeing all your photos. This is just a quick update on the upcoming events - nothing happening in May I'm afraid as I am head off to New Zealand to do some photowalking of my own. Keep an eye on the scenicrimphotowalks IG feed for a few pics.

Upcoming walks

2 June 2018 - Boonah Show

Not an official photowalk but it is the Boonah Show. Hope to see you there.

Keep an eye on FB or IG for updates about a possible meetup on the day.

If you are thinking about entering some photos I really encourage you to get involved. Head to the Boonah Show Society for more details

16 June 2018 - Palm Grove

A cruisy stroll through high rainforest with some good views, starting at the Cunningham Gap carpark, this walk generally follows a countour (i.e fairly flat) out to a large stand of Picabeen Palms which lie below Mt Cordeux. Along the way there are views over the Fassifern valley and up to the cliffs below the summit. We pass through a …

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1 July 2018 - Yellowpinch

An mostly easy walk in an exquisite section of creek forest - for those who did the last one there'll be less water this time I promise. Head to the Event page for more information.

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4 August 2018 - Date claimer

More details to come soon - save the date.

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Staying in touch

The best place to keep in touch with what's happening is the website at

but you can keep up to date with people's photos and last minute arrangements on the Facebook page
Scenic Rim Photowalks Facebook group

or on the Instagram page

Scenic Rim Photowalks IG
(I need to keep this more up to date)


Here's a cool gadget I'm going to be using over in New Zealand to keep my photos backed up over the 3 weeks I'm away.

It's a Verbatim 3.1 Card reader - It has a USB C connection and allows me to mount an SD card and USB (memory stick or external drive) at the same time and copy directly from one to the other - no computer needed for backups!
About $35 from Officeworks

Older versions of Android could only mount 1 drive at a time so you'll need a new-ish phone.

And sorry I have no idea about a similar Apple solution

A quick vote..

I'm thinking about another weekend photowalk event in September - it'll be either Lamington National Park or Girraween National Park.

Send me your thoughts -


A good series I have been watching on Netflix is "Tales by Light" - it follows a bunch of different photographers as they adventure, explore and take incredible photos. I find it inspirational and also a great behind the scene perspective of what is involved

(it is also available at Canon Australia and National Geographic)
tales by light
Looking forward to seeing you on a walk sometime soon.



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Looking forward to seeing you a walk soon!

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