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Just a quick update on the walks for March - we have had to change locations for both events due to the lack of rain and park closures. So coming up in March we have...

A great sunset stroll and star gazing at Mount French on March 9 - it's one of my favourite sunset spot with a great view of the Main range while overlooking the dramatic rhyolite cliffs of Frog Buttress.

Then on 23 and 24th March we have the first of our Adventure Series - a series of more challenging walks. This first one will be at Lamington National Park, Binna Burra section. We'll do a full day walk on the Saturday and a half day walk on the Sunday. If you're not up to a harder walk but still keen to come along I can recommend some easier options.

There is a variety of accommodation available but I suspect most will be camping (like me).

More information on the walks is available on the Events page

Below you'll find a selection of some of the great photos that have been posted to the Facebook group by our members recently - enjoy :)

Upcoming events

Photowalks Jan-April 2019

March 9 - Sunset and Stars - Mt French
March 22-24 - Adventure Series - Lamington NP
April 7 - Christmas Creek
April 27 - Adventure Series - Mt Greville

For details head over to the Events page

Adventure Series 2019

The Adventure Series is something new for 2019. It's an opportunity to share some more challenging walks into more rugged and remote locations.

There will be 4 events in the series which will build in intensity to the final walk up Mount Maroon.

We'll first head to Lamington for a weekend trip and tackle longer walks. Then Mt Greville, Flinders Peak and Mount Maroon. There will also likely be a 5th event later in the year at Girraween.

Anyone is welcome but be aware that these are challenging walks and not suitable for everyone. Bookings will be essential.


A lot of people expressed an interest in some learning opportunities. I'm interested to know what topic you would like covered so please send me any thoughts or ideas.


Staying in touch

The best place to keep in touch with what's happening is the website at scenicrimphotowalks.com

but you can keep up to date with people's photos and last minute arrangements on the Facebook page
Scenic Rim Photowalks Facebook group

or on the Instagram page

Scenic Rim Photowalks IG


Tips and tricks

Photographing Stars:
We're going to be running a brief tutorial on photographing stars at our Sunset and Stars walk but here's a few quick tips.

  • Be comfortable and prepared - it can take a while to capure the images you want. If you're warm and comfortable you'll enjoy the time more.
  • Start off with a wide angle lens and a wide aperture (small number)
  • Check your composition with a really high ISO test shot then lengthen your shutter speed and drop your ISO.
  • Use the '500 rule' to ensure you avoid star trails - 500 / focal length = max shutter speed
  • If you're after star trails then the best option is to take lots of exposures then combine them rather than one long exposure


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
Aaron Siskind

Looking forward to seeing you on a walk sometime soon.



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About Scenic Rim Photowalks

Scenic Rim Photo Walks is a community of photography enthusiasts based in Queensland’s Scenic Rim who get together regularly for photo walks in and around our area.

The walks are not 'guided' walks and walkers are expected to be aware of their own abilities, assess and manage the risks they encounter. Relevant information will usually be made available prior to the walk but walkers should satisfy themselves regarding the degree of challenge and risk in any given walk.

All kinds of photographers are welcome and even non photographers. Most walks are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.