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What happens on a Photo Walk?

Generally we meet a designated spot which we will return to at the end of our walk. There is a brief introduction and briefing and then off we head. We may have a theme or subject for the walk but generally it’s entirely up to you what you photograph. You are free to take things at your own pace and photograph those things that catch your eye. There are walk leaders who can help if you have a question.

Sometimes we will head to a nearby cafe and share stories and photos from the walk. Please feel free to share your photos either here or on the Facebook group, it is always so interesting to see the myriad of different things that have captured people’s attention.

What do I need to bring?

It’s about taking photos and walking, so a camera and comfortable clothes are essential. Other than that it’s up to you… depending on the weather and time of the walk you may like to bring sun protection, an extra layer to keep warm or a rainjacket.

Try to keep your gear simple and don’t don’t weigh yourself down with lots of accessories. Photo walks are a great chance to learn to push your skills using what you have on hand. In the links below you will find some great tips on paring your gear down.

I don’t know much about photography, will I be able to participate?

Absolutely! There will be a range of skills and experience on any given walk and you will find people happy to help you with your photos and how to better use your camera. We hope these walks will be a learning experience for everyone.

Do I need a fancy camera?

Definately not, a camera phone will do just fine. Photo walks are about learning to see what is around you and using the tools you have on hand to capture them.

I have been a photographer for a while now, will I get anything out of this?

We would hope so, photo walks are about having fun, being spontaneous and pushing yourself to learn and grow as a photographer as well as emjoying yourself. You also have an opportunity to pass on some of your knowledge and experience to others.

IMPORTANT Information for all participants

Participation in a Scenic Rim Photo Walk is entirely at your own risk with no liability assumed on behalf of the organisers.  Walks are conducted in a variety of areas which are unpredictable with changing conditions, variable footing, dangerous wildlife and other unforseen hazards. Please use your own judgement about your capability to undertake a given walk and discuss any concerns with the walk organiser. 

Some guidance regarding any known hazards, area orientation and route finding will be provided at the beginning of the walk but you should feel  comfortable being independant in the environment you are in and not reliant on the walk organiser for safety or navigation.

If these haven’t answered your questions feel free to contact us  on our Facebook page

For more info about Photo Walks in general check out these links:

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