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Articles by members – a great selection of articles written by Scenic Rim photowalkers

Newsletter Archive – in case you missed one of our newsletters


Skippy Sky –

An excellent site for looking at likely cloud cover – you can zoom in to South East Qld and look at low, mid and high cloud cover as well as transparency as a bunch of other information. Choosing the right time is a little confusing at first but you’ll see the time you are looking at on the map (as EST)

Weather Zone –

Bureau of Meterology –

Cloud Free Night –

Exactly what it sounds like – “Cloud Free Night provides forecast maps over specific Australian regions, and meteograms summarising the forecast over the next five days for particular locations. The maps allow you to toggle between the GFS and ACCESS models at any point while the meteograms (time-series graphs) present detailed cloud information or a summary comparison of the two models.”

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