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Important Safety information for all participants:

Be aware that the Scenic Rim Photowalks group is an informal community building group focussed on photography. It is not a business and carries no insurance for the events. All participation is conducted at your own risk. You should make yourself familiar with the expectations of the particular walk and have regard for your physical capacity to undertake the walk including any medical conditions and current fitness.

The walk organisers will attempt to provide accurate information about the walk and the current conditions but we are usually in a natural environment which has unpredictable and variable conditions, additional you should expect to encounter a variety of hazards and risks which may include weather, terrain, flora and fauna.

During a walk you are free to walk at your own pace and we are usually in well signed and easily naviagable area but it your own responsibilty to ensure that you maintain an awareness of the group and how to make you way back to the start/end point.

You should carry appropriate equipment do deal with any expected eventualities such as torch, basic first aid, wet weather and warm gear where appropriate.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact your walk leader as soon as possible.

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