4 August 2018 – Date claimer

More details to come soon – save the date.

1 July 2018 – Yellowpinch

An mostly easy walk in an exquisite section of creek forest – for those who did the last one there’ll be less water this time I promise.

Head to the Event page for more information.

16 June 2018 – Palm Grove

A cruisy stroll through high rainforest with some good views, starting at the Cunningham Gap carpark, this walk generally follows a countour (i.e fairly flat) out to a large stand of Picabeen Palms which lie below Mt Cordeux. Along the way there are views over the Fassifern valley and up to the cliffs below the summit. We pass through a range of forest types, mostly rainforest.

Depending on the recent rainfall there may be some running stream.

Birds abound but can be tricky to spot among the trees, likely to see Rufous Fantails, Bell Birds, Fairy Wrens and Scrub Wrens. If you’re lucky you’ll see Potoroos or Black Cockatoos.

Maps, location info and booking at the event page

14 April 2018 – Governors Chair sunrise

One of the best sunrise spots around on an unfenced outcrop of windswept rock. We’ll be meeting about 1 hour before sunrise to catch the best light. There is a short 200ish meter walk to the lookout. After sunrise we’ll head back to the carpark (maybe sneak in a quick cuppa) and then explore one of the nearby firetrails or walking tracks.

The road to the lookout is generally is good condition and very suitable for a 2wd sedan but I have not yet had a chance to go up there since the last rains. If there are any updates I’ll let you know.

For all the details head to the event page

Venue change!

Due to the expect high temperatures 35+ we have changed plans for this Saturdays walk. Instead we are heading to the shores of Moogerah from 5pm for an afternoon stroll/catchup .

Sunset is 6:50pm and can be spectacular if the clouds are right.

Times and a map are available on the event page.

January – Lake Moogerah Sunset stroll

2018 – Here we come!

Hi all, after an unavoidable hiatus we are back running the Scenic Rim Photowalks from January, I’ll have more details up here and on the Facebook page soon but just for a quick heads up these are our first 4 walks for the year…

Jan 20 – Cunninghams Gap – Palm Grove circuit

Feb 25 – Wyaralong Dam

Mar 17-18 Overnight – Border Ranges, Girraween

April 14 Sunrise shoot – Govenor’s Chair.

Hope to see you there

Update for the rest of 2017

Hi all, it has been very quiet here recently and a while since we have had a photowalk sadly. Unfortunately due to a family health problem I have had to reorganise my work so that I am working every weekend at the moment. At this stage that will be until early January 2018 so I will be unable to host any weekend walks until then but I am still keen to still try to keep a few things happening in the meantime.

There are a couple of other possibilities that we can explore…

Wednesday wanderings… it may be possible to arrange a few hours on a Wednesday morning. This would give plenty of options for shorted local walks (1 per month)

You host… if anyone would be interested in hosting a weekend walk I would be very appreciative and support in any way I can.

I am looking forward to getting things back to normal for 2018 (fingers crossed) as I have been missing catching up with you all.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or any other ideas you may have.

Looking for input

Hi all, you might notice I have started working on our location pages to add maps, photos and a description of what the area is like.

Like this one: https://www.scenicrimphotowalks.com/locations/mount-greville/

I’d love to have some input from you, especially if you have some photos you’d like to include on a slideshow for the location (with attribution), some feedback on the area or writing a description of what to expect photographically and physically.

I’m also always open to walk suggestions or happy for you to host your own photowalk in the Scenic Rim and add the details here.

Send me an email scottwarnerphotography@gmail.com or comment below

Upcoming walks

Just a quick note to let you know I have added 3 upcoming walks for July, August and September – including the overnight trip to the Border Ranges.

Head to scenicrimphotowalks.com/events for the details.

July Photowalk – Scenic Rim Organic farm

Hi all,

I have just added the details for the next photowalk 1 July at the Scenic Rim Organic farm. I am excited to be running this as a part of Eat Local Week –  a huge 9 day festival celebrating the incredible array of locally produced food and wine.

It is a great little organic family run farm with views out towards the Main Range and a pretty little creek running through it. There will be plenty of activity on that morning as they are picking for the Winter Harvest event later in the day.

It’ll be a great morning and the Winter Harvest event is a fantastic day  which you could head to afterwards – just down the road at Aratula.

First 10 people to register (and turn up) get free tickets to the Winter Harvest.

Hope to see you there