Update for the rest of 2017

Hi all, it has been very quiet here recently and a while since we have had a photowalk sadly. Unfortunately due to a family health problem I have had to reorganise my work so that I am working every weekend at the moment. At this stage that will be until early January 2018 so I will be unable to host any weekend walks until then but I am still keen to still try to keep a few things happening in the meantime.

There are a couple of other possibilities that we can explore…

Wednesday wanderings… it may be possible to arrange a few hours on a Wednesday morning. This would give plenty of options for shorted local walks (1 per month)

You host… if anyone would be interested in hosting a weekend walk I would be very appreciative and support in any way I can.

I am looking forward to getting things back to normal for 2018 (fingers crossed) as I have been missing catching up with you all.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or any other ideas you may have.

Looking for input

Hi all, you might notice I have started working on our location pages to add maps, photos and a description of what the area is like.

Like this one: https://www.scenicrimphotowalks.com/locations/mount-greville/

I’d love to have some input from you, especially if you have some photos you’d like to include on a slideshow for the location (with attribution), some feedback on the area or writing a description of what to expect photographically and physically.

I’m also always open to walk suggestions or happy for you to host your own photowalk in the Scenic Rim and add the details here.

Send me an email scottwarnerphotography@gmail.com or comment below

Upcoming walks

Just a quick note to let you know I have added 3 upcoming walks for July, August and September – including the overnight trip to the Border Ranges.

Head to scenicrimphotowalks.com/events for the details.

July Photowalk – Scenic Rim Organic farm

Hi all,

I have just added the details for the next photowalk 1 July at the Scenic Rim Organic farm. I am excited to be running this as a part of Eat Local Week –  a huge 9 day festival celebrating the incredible array of locally produced food and wine.

It is a great little organic family run farm with views out towards the Main Range and a pretty little creek running through it. There will be plenty of activity on that morning as they are picking for the Winter Harvest event later in the day.

It’ll be a great morning and the Winter Harvest event is a fantastic day  which you could head to afterwards – just down the road at Aratula.

First 10 people to register (and turn up) get free tickets to the Winter Harvest.

Hope to see you there

This Saturday

In case you have missed it, there is a photowalk on this Saturday morning at one of the Scenic Rims most interesting peaks – Mount Greville. We wont be doing anything too challenging – hope to see you there. For more information and bookings (just to let me know you are coming) head to the events tab.


Event Update – 10 June

Hi all, just a quick update. I had completely forgotten about a walk I had pencilled in for next weekend. It was originally planned as a longer walk but due to my work it will now be a shorter walk.

There is a little bit of clambering and exploring involved but we will tailor the walk to those who turn up on the day with lots of interesting possibilitiesto explore. Hope to see you there.

More details available on the Events page

‘Eat Local Week’ and other walks

Hi Photowalkers  – some new events have been added to the events page for April, May, and June with some basic details with more specifics about location to come soon.

In other exciting news we have been approached to run a photowalk as part of Eat Local week in the Scenic Rim – I should have more information about this walk available early next week but for more information about the festival check out the website at https://www.eatlocalweek.com.au/ 


February photowalk update

If you havent followed the facebook conversation we have changed the location of tomorrows walk. Now 2.30pm at Cunninghams gap carpark for Mt Cordeaux. Bring a torch just in case. 🙂

Upcoming Photowalks (Feb/Mar 2017)

(EDIT – the 2 events have been swapped around – March 4 is now at Westrays Grave)

It’s been a busy start for the year for me so I am little behind in organise the upcoming photowalks. Details for February and March are now up and I know some have already registered. Head to the events page for details and to sign up.

February (next weekend) is exploring Christmas Creek up to Westray’s grave. I haven’t been up there for years but it is a very beautiful part of the world

March is heading up to the lookout on Mt Cordeaux – lovely rainforest, giant spear lillies and expansive views coming right up 🙂

A quietly resting Carpet python on Mt Cordeaux
A stunning Regent Bowerbird in the rainforest fringe at Cunninghams Gap
A very cute Southern Angle headed dragon in the rainforest of Mt Cordeaux
The view over Mt Cordeaux from Mt Mitchell

Mt Mathiason details

​Hi photowalkers. Just confirming that the meeting point tomorrow is the day use area next to the Spicers Gap camp ground at 06.30am . This is about 2 km before the Govenors Chair lookout carpark. We may change the route depending on how hot it gets. If you are planning on also coming along for sunrise just keep driving till the road ends at the carpark. Sunrise is at 0445 and often the best light is before than but feel free to come when you can – the track to the lookout is signposted and only about 100m long. To get there drive about 5km past Aratula to turn left onto Lake Moogerah road, the Spicers Gap road is a few km down this road on the right and is well signed. The only point of confusion is where Spicers Gap road starts going uphill it becomes gravel while another bitumen road curves off to the left but it is signposted. Check the event page for more details of the walk

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